Anaya Steele 

Cellular rejuvenation - Amplifying your frequency


Hello! I am Anaya. My passion is to empower people to become their own physician through Awareness of the self. To encourage people to make a study of themselves. To learn about how they got their issues and then how to resolve it all naturally. BHSc Traditional Chinese medicine + acupuncture. DIP TaiQi + Qigong Member: Acupuncture NZ ACC provider.

Session 1: Cellular rejuvenation - amplifying your frequency

"The body is made up of mostly water. That water retains its memory through the electrical waves collected that pass through it. The body contains all of the elements of matter – including iron and metals which when charged electrically become magnetic, and that magnetic field can wipe the memory from electrically stored memory." Steve Richards


I will talk about the machines I use in my clinic for cellular rejuvenation and the clinical results for chronic disease. These machines are the multi wave oscillator, the violet ray and PEMP – pulsed electromagnetic field machine. Come and learn about why cellular voltage is so important to health, ageing and disease.


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