Andrea White Feather 

Animal Totems


Andrea White Feather is a shamanic medicine/wise woman. She carried out Shamanic studies in the early 2000s with a first Nations Blackfoot Shaman and the old 13 clan mothers. Andrea is also a Spiritual artist, she began drawing at five years old and has never stopped. She found that drawing was very healing at a young age. She channels protective energy through her artwork and within that has found healing colours play a big part in the process. Now Andrea has been asked to guide people to find their animal totem/helpers awakening the healing colour within your heart energy. She works with the sisterhood of the shields and is healer for animals and nature.

Session 1: Animal totems
How to tap in and find your animal totem, what they mean, why and how they are here to guide us.

Session 2: Spirit animal dream catchers 
Learn how to imbue your spirit animal into a dream catcher to be able to use this power medicine. Andrea will take you through how to make and use a dream catcher using the right prayer for every knot. It is a good idea to gather feathers for this. Everything else will be supplied. 

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