Antonio Karam 

Sweat lodge


Musician, teacher, researcher and student of ancient cultures. Born in Mexico, initiated into the Temazcal tradition 18 years ago by “Coatlicue Calpulli” in Cholula, Puebla.

Ome Cholloyan’s disciple in Aztec and Mayan cultures. Traditional and aboriginal musical instruments expert. “Temazcalli” is an ancient tradition, originated in North America by Apaches and Siux, and shared with the rest of America through Mexico, Guatemala, Belice, and other countries. It consists in an “Igloo” shaped covered structure that resembles the union between “Coatlicue Pachamama” (mother earth), the four elements, and “us” as a part of the whole living planet.

Temazcalli is a rustic sweat lodge, where hot volcanic stones, and a herbal-all natural infusion will be used to create a unique atmosphere, where inner thoughts and connection with the earth will be experienced.

Session 1: Sweat lodge - Saturday and Sunday 8am.

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