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Montserrat Mayol, is a clinical Psychologist and Biodanza facilitator SRT from Chile. From February 2019, she is part of the Biodanza New Zealand team. Montserrat decided to join the team to contribute to the dream of having Biodanza in each part of the world.



We are music, we are dance

We acknowledge and believe in the power that Biodanza has to return humanity to humanity, the importance of caring and tenderness, the consciousness of being part of a higher order of life and the responsibility of taking care of it.  The world changes at abysmal speeds but human needs, such as contact, encounters, music, and movement are still the same. In a unique way for each person, this workshop provides the opportunity to open ourselves to rebirths, and discoveries of new possibilities for you, your relationships, how you feel and how you live. It is an exquisite path for realizing your potential for healthy, vital, creative and pleasurable living. It may even be the beginning of a new way of expression – dance!

The Dance’s Alchemy

One of the most difficult questions to answer is: “who are you?” Is there a way to know who we are? In Biodanza, we have a way of approaching who we are; the vivencia.

In Biodanza, we search for the integration of our identity. Integrating what we think, what we feel, and what we desire and do is our precious aim. That’s our way home: discovering the never-ending way to our profound sense of existence.

Back to the origin

The instincts are a primordial force, an impulse of life that comes from the body as a manifestation of the cosmic intelligence. In this way, we can speak of a "wisdom of the instincts" and seek guidance in that intelligence, understanding that it is also useless to run away from them.


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