Afro Dance & Drums - Camila Chicon 


Camila proposes a dance inspired by the rhythms of West Africa combining these techniques with elements of biodanza, corporal expression, conscious training and others.

"I believe this dance is a therapeutic process that invites us to meet ourselves and others through movement and unblocking feelings. I try to make every workshop a sacred community space of love and respect, where every meeting is a new opportunity to connect with ourselves, our roots, body, emotions and live a fun and enjoyable process."



Afro Dance & Drums 

Come along to meet -with others and with yourselves- through the movement, in a sacred space of dance where we will use different techniques of traditional African dance, biodanza, corporal expression and conscious corporal training.

Surrender to the sound of the drums, connect with your root and release your wild side.

Live with intensity the present moment to connect with your past to walk towards the future we want.

Dance of the Elements

A dance workshop where we explore movement and expression through the inspiration of the 4 elements nature that inhabit in ourselves.

Is a journey through earth, water, air and fire that can take us deeper into movement understanding and in body awareness.

We will combine different styles of music and techniques of dance to be inspired from the diversity of the sounds.

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