Gabrielle Kupa & Tamara Telfar-Valks 

Iwi: Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Rarua, Tu Whare Toa

Understanding the Ngahere is the core of Rongoā. By developing a connection with the bush we were able to learn from the Ngahere and nga Kaiako (the tutors) and following tikanga (protocol) laid before us we are able to create rongoā with mauri and mana. Understanding this gives us a sense of hononga (connection) which elevates the healing properties of the rongoā. We are gathering here to share our knowledge of rongoā kawakawa. Both of us residing in different areas of the North Island brings different kawa in the techniques of Rongoā. We will be sharing a basic karakia for gathering the leaves and another while preparing the medicine. We will also share our own personal journeys and how we use rongoā in our own homes to heal our families and ourselves. We are here to spark your journey and provide you with the basic concepts of rongoā Kawakawa and encourage you to look back at the toanga our ancestors left us.


Ko tō ngākau ki ngā toanga a o tātou tipuna, hei tikitiki mō tō mahunga.

Let the treasures of my maori ancestors adorn my thoughts.


Ko nga rongoa o te Kawakawa 1

Te taha wairua - the mauri life force of rongoa maori tapu, noa scared and the uplifting of scaredness. Tikanga o te Kawakawa - protocols of moari medicine Kawakawa. Karakia for gathering rongoa making rongoa and deposing of leftover rongoa. Identifying Kawakawa in the Ngahere (bush) and basic uses.

Ko nga rongoa o te Kawakawa 2


Basic uses of the kawakawa . Poultice- to draw out, heal- to heal over skin when infection has been drawn out, wairakau- simple drinks using kawakawa  products and how to use.


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