Jacqlin Richards 

Attunement Therapy, HypnoBirthing, Embodied Counselling Practitioner

New Zealand

Jacqlin is a Mother, Parenting Mentor, Attunement Therapy, HypnoBirthing and Embodied Counselling Practitioner, Facilitator and speaker who is deeply passionate about bringing greater awareness to the way we raise our kids. She want to invite discussions to help parents understand themselves, their partners and their little people better so they can bring more fun, ease and joy to their lives as parents.


Being Mum for over a decade and working with parents for the last 6 years enables Jacqlin to deliver her work which is rich with her own diverse experiences and grounded with love and clarity in reality. She does this by keeping it REAL, stepping into the empowered Parent she desired to be. Finding more time for life, love and connection.  Discovering more grace, more humour, more fun and joy in her own unique journey of being a parent.


Jacqlin helps parents find their own unique way of parenting that is free from the patterns of the past and not based on the opinions of others. To be the parent they want to be!


Pathways for Parenting

The world continues to shift and change around us at lightning speed and the level of awareness and consciousness in the way that our children are conceived, birthed and parented impact how we as humans are responding (or reacting!!!!) to those shifts.

How can we support our new little beings with grace and humour to be in the present moment. Free from the stories, patterns, belief systems and conditioning of the past.  Supporting them to walk their unique and individual pathway by walking our own.

Join me for an inquiry, a dialogue, an interaction as to how we move forward as empowered, authentic Parents grounded in the present.

Dance the Pathways – HEART

Jacqlin has been facilitating the Embodied Dance of Awakening in Auckland and at various retreats, workshops and festivals within New Zealand over the last few years. The dance is a deep immersion into self through the 7 energies of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. Surrender, Deepen, Discover, Awaken, Stillness, Oneness, Love.


Jacqlin has weaved her work with the Pathways into the dance and in this session we will dance the HEART Pathway.

The ability to live (dance) from the heart enables us to see the beauty in everything and everyone.  To rest gracefully in a balanced place of discernment, empathy and compassion with the choices, behaviours and expression of others.  To find ease and stillness experiencing the dualities of life.  Dark/light, man/woman, this way/that way, positive/negative, yin/yang. What does being in your heart mean to you? How different is your head space to your heart space?

Through sound, breath, music and movement we will dance the HEART pathway inviting an alchemy of transformation, cleansing and purifying dense energy that may sit trapped in the cellular body.  Opening you to a new way of being in the world. Dance has been known to move mountains, create rain, open hearts and bring an immense amount of joy from the inside out. Through dance we come together in connection, openness and a collective consciousness that raises our vibration.


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