Jordan Chapman 

Native American Healing and Spiritual work


Jordan is multicultural, from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Nation, Haudenosaunee Mohawk, and Tsalagi (Cherokee) Nations, as well as having Dutch and Norwegian heritage. He was brought up by his Grandparents and Tribal Elders on the Saginaw Chippewa Reservation in Central Michigan. He was raised in a traditional environment, walking “The Red Road,” a Native American spiritual path, and he has always been a seeker of knowledge and closeness to his ancestors and Gshemnidoo, the Giving Spirit.

Jordan is a practitioner of traditional and contemporary Native American healing and spiritual work. He is also a craftsman and artist, specializing in the crafting of spiritual and sacred tools like knives, athames, staves and wands as well as jewelry and other items. He is influenced by his multicultural background and embraces many spiritual teachings from various paths.



The Sacred Masculine, A Warrior’s Call


A workshop and talking circle for men to identify the role of the sacred masculine in today’s world and men’s wellbriety. 

Medicine Wheel

A discussion of the purpose of the medicine wheel and sacred hoop, holistic nature of true healing, ‘medicine’ and how it relates to and affects everything around it.

Mystic Toolbox Meeting

Jordan Chapman and Glenn Mortimer are collaborating to bring a unique workshop on the spiritual tools that we carry and use in the Shamanic tradition. These two great teachers will explain the use and symbolism of various tools, including histories, methods of application and demonstrations.

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