Kevin Hammersley

Gong bath concert - Sounds of Change 

New Zealand

Sound practitioner Kevin Hammersley, will bringing the large Planetary Sun Gong in tandem with the World Peace Gong & traditional sacred instruments, Kevin has studied and practised with gong masters throughout the world Through the use of sacred sound, instruments like the Gong and voice rejuvenates our core energetic vibrational pattern within us, regenerating our Divine Blue Print for life.

When we rest in this sacred state, we recognize who we are, remember who we are! Know who we are!

It’s our birthright to experience this, being immersed within the feeling, healing tones of the Gong, allows us to experience this state of pure ecstatic Bliss!
It’s who we are!

The Gong is an instrument of unity - within its unifying field of holistic resonance, we reintegrate.

Session 1: Gong bath concert

Join Kevin in a sound journey, to be bathed I the healing feeling tons of sonic sounds of symphonic gongs. Bathe in the divine ratio, harmonics attuned to the core of universal aligned frequencies. The benefit of which even quantum physics confirms. But don’t take their word for it, come, feel if for yourselves…

Session 2: Sounds of Change workshop

Sounds of change workshop -A journey of discovering your cosmic voice. As a sound instrument. Reclain your voice with power, confidence, stability and ease. Join me in the awakening sound workshop, where we will explore the mysteries of our voices through sound, breath and movement. Awake your instrument through understanding just how powerful your voice (tone) cane be. Integrating body, speech and mind. 

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