Maestra Reyna Luz 


A Master Shamanic Healer from the Peruvian Amazon. Reyna works in deep relationship with plant spirit medicine following a traditional path of “vegetalismo” and “curanderismo” stretching back thousands of years. Through intensive ceremony, song, ritual and other practices this method of healing is at once medicine, devotion and spiritual initiation.



Plant Spirit Shamanism in the Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Master Healer Reyna Luz shares her experience of growing up in the rural Amazon and her unintentional initiation into the path of “Curanderismo”. Topics include, master plant dietas, the use of Tobacco and Ayahuasca for healing, spiritual protection and jungle cosmology.


Singing to the Plants – Medicine Songs of the Amazon


Maestra Reyna Luz shares the sacred transmission of “Icaros” medicine songs from the plant spirits of the Peruvian Amazon. Explaining this living technology and its crucial role in Ayahuasca Shamanism, folk medicine and spiritual healing. Blessings will be abundantly shared!

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