Mare Cromwell 

Embracing Mother Gaia more deeply


Called the “Voice of Earth Mother” by Rainbow Thunder Heart , Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Author and Healer. Some might call her a Medicine Woman. She has devoted her life to the Great Mother and midwifing the New World coming in now. Her multi-award-winning books include: “The Great Mother Bible”; “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”; and, “If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America”. Mare has studied with Native American elders for 23 years along with other gifted spiritual teachers. Another gifted elder informed her that her work with Gaia is in the prophecies. She sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years and is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering & Global Grid. Mare also hosted the weekly Voices from Gaia Webcast Series during the winter of 2018. She lives in western Maryland and is a former worm herder. She absolutely loves Sacred Silliness! 


Session 1: Embracing Mother Gaia more deeply
We humans are all being called to come back Home to Mother Gaia. We are here to help birth the New Earth coming in at this time. Mare will share about what she has learned about Mother (who is looking very pregnant at this time), and ways to connect more spiritually with Mother. This will enhance our collective spiritual awakening and personal commitment to serve her and all the beloved Sacred Beings here on our planet. All who attend will receive a Spiritual Activation to be in more sacred relationship with Mother.


Session 2: Gaia’s oneness grid
Mother Gaia asked Mare to organize the 1000 Goddesses Gathering & Global Grid, an event based upon the Tibetan Prophecy that when 1000 Goddesses or Taras unite, this will change the tone of the planet from Fear to Compassion. In Oct, 2018, more than 85 groups joined together globally in a Unified Field in support of this prophecy. According to several very gifted Lightworkers and Mother Gaia, this Unified Field deeply activated Gaia’s Oneness Field to help birth the New Earth coming in now. Come learn about this Planetary Energetic Grid and learn a healing Visualization that is a Spiritual Activation to keep the Grid amplified indefinitely.

Session 3: Gaia’s invitation to the divine masculine

Mother Gaia loves all of us two-legged children tremendously and equally. It overjoys her to see so many of her daughters healing into their Divine Feminine selves. And, she is also calling out to those embodying the Masculine to step into their Divine Masculine, as their role as partners to the Feminine is significant in the birthing of the New Earth being born at this time. This workshop/ceremony will touch on the Feminine-Masculine healing dance. All participants embodying the Masculine can choose to be “knighted” in a ritual to support their commitment to step into their Divine Masculine self.

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