Michael & Waylon from Wakagetti Indigenous Corporation

Aboriginal Stories and lore


"My name is Waylon Boney, I am a Kwiambal descendant from kamilaroi language group in Northern NSW from my mother, as well as Wanaruah through my father. I am connected to Ngemba country through Dhumuu Paul Gordon and have been shown many stories for that country and many stories throughout NSW from this old man (elder). I live these stories and share with all who want to learn."


Michael is part of Wakagetti’s indigenous corporation .


“I am a Yuin man who is from dhurawal and dhurga language groups from Yuin nation. I come from the coast and have big connection to the ocean as a part of my Dreaming story. I am a direct descendant from Murray Jack of the wolgal people.
My cultural knowledge has been passed down to myself by my mother, grandmother and grandfather. I teach our culture throughout schools and also use culture to reconnect young and mature men who have lived with substance abuse and also mental health. I teach basic language also dance, weapon making and care of country.


Smoking ceremony

For thousands of years the Aboriginal people of Australia have employed Smoking Ceremonies to cleanse places and people of bad spirits to promote the wellbeing of their people as well as guests on Country.  The Smoking ceremony involves burning various native plants and is for cleansing, clearing and healing, this will be run by their elder and is must to participate in as few of us ever have this chance presented.

Ochre Ceremony and dance

Aboriginal people have long believed in the spiritual power of ochre. Formed from hard clay which is dried out, ground into powder and mixed with water before being applied to the body, ochre forms the basis of many sacred ceremonies and has a powerful symbolism within Aboriginal culture. We will go through the process of crushing the ochre, learning the meanings behind this and wearing the ochre. This a very holistic process after which you will be learning aboriginal dance.

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