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My name is Miguel. I was born in Azangaro-Puno, a small village in southern Peru, which is 3800 meters above sea level. I grew up in the highlands listening to stories, myths and legends from our magical Andean world. Since childhood I have been participating in the ceremonies honoring Pachamama, and I learned from my mother how to lead a ritual offering to mother earth.

The rites and celebrations in my village were defined by the rhythms of ever present drums and telluric flutes. Throughout the year there was a different type of music for each festivity: the arrival of the rains; the sowing, blooming and harvesting of crops; the branding of livestock; births, deaths, etc.). We thus marked the rhythms of nature and the different stages of our lives with music, chants, and special rites.

This music and these sacred chants penetrated my spirit from an early age so in my youth I spent many years living in native communities located in the heart of the Andes, where I continued to learn the musical and spiritual traditions of our ancestors.

In accordance with customs inherited from Spain I was baptized in the Catholic church, but in my family, as in all native families, we simultaneously practiced Andean spirituality, a syncretism we experienced without conflict. Over time, I timidly embraced other spiritual traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism and Sufism). I also shared sacred plant ceremonies with Ayahuaska and Huachuma masters, experiences that, for me, were like learning other languages in which to celebrate the “sumac kausay”, the good way of life praying itself,.

For the past ten years I have been invited to spiritual festivals and retreats to offer “despacho” (offerings to mother earth) ceremonies and to give workshops on Andean cosmo-vision and spirituality through sacred music from the Andes.

I currently live in Tucson, Arizona, USA, creating connections with the Native American culture and sharing our Andean worldview with other cultures.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to VOICES OF SACRED EARTH ECO-FESTIVAL for the opportunity to share my culture and the spiritual world of my homeland.

Chaiman chay. (That’s that)




This rite will focus on new journeys that are to start in our lives. During the ceremony, blessings will be offered to everything that represents new beginnings. Miguel will introduce and make a gift of the elements. All participants will be asked to bring a small object or element that symbolizes a new cycle in their lives. We will practice the Watanakuy with sahumerio (incense) along with the 'Divine Breath' technique.  We will play and sing special songs in order to open and bless these new paths.


Cosmovision and Andin Spirituality


This workshop will bring enlightenments of the Andin view of the Cosmos map and will introduce you to a cosmos mystical way linked to the music. The participant will be taken on a journey to the 3 dimensions of the Andin spiritual vision, seen from the inside and outside of our constituent 3 bodies. We will learn how to touch el "Siku" or "Zampoña" and to understand how connected it is with the stars, our bodies, the social and spiritual organizations of the people from the Andino mountains.


Despacho is a big offering ceremony to Pachamama (Mother Earth) for gratefulness, mainly. Miguel will make gift of the elements, objects and instruments to the rites and the participants may bring small offerings to include in the collective prayers. During the ritual, we will sing sacred songs from the Andin traditions and we will finish with a procession (with music and dance) to the sacred fire place.


Cacharpari tradition comes from the South of Peru and it means to let go of things - whether they might be actions, feelings or objects - with the idea that they always return in different shapes, as nothing is permanent in nature. It is the celebration of the ending of something important and it must be honoured with lots of joy, music and food, that will become themselves the offerings to this cycle to be finished. During the rites, we usually share and exchange hugs, flowers, promises and words that have never been said. We yearn for new beginnings and hope for the future, while we play and sing farewell music.

The participants are free to bring things to share (such as flowers, fruits, food and all sort of gifts) along with their own feelings. After the blessings, everyone is welcome to share the offerings in communion and Cacharpari – let go with gratitude.


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