Nicola Gibbons 

Lemuria rising - voice and toning workshop

New Zealand

Nicola channels Lemurian Light Language, Songs and Sound Healing, to calm the nervous system and activate the DNA. She currently hosts workshops in Glastonbury and in the UK, having been based there for the past year. Lemuria was an ancient civilisation before Atlantis, situated where Hawaii is today. It was a time of great harmony and we are remembering how to live together in this way.

Session 1: Lemuria rising - voice and toning workshop

 Lemuria Rising – Voice and tonight workshop. Each human body has its own unique sound or vibration, tonight is easy and begins to free the voice again. The intention is to leave with a greater sense of confidence in your own voice and with guided exercises, also feel a greater sense of harmon yin your body. To begin the group will be an activation in light language for the throat chakra


Session 2: Lemuria rising - chakra balancing

Lemuria Rising – Chakra balancing. This workshop is for relaxation and balancing the seven main chakras, with greater emphasis o the solar plexus chakra being the power center. The light language brings through coding to activate your own divine power and inner wisdom, simply lie down to receive.


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