Pip Oxlade

Success Mentor

New Zealand

  • Business mentor and Healer/ Psychic
    Inspirational and international speaker

  • ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science advanced instructor (Teacher since 2010)

  • Reiki Usui Master Teacher since 2003

  • Author of "Cosmic Radiance Discovery book" and "Being in Colour® Inspirational cards and healing tools"

Pip believes HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS START WITH YOU! Working as an international presenter and author, ThetaHealing and Reiki instructor, practitioner and mentor, her passion in healing enables discerning seekers of light to feel empowered in health, wealth, happiness and love. Through safe impactful release techniques, Pip will show you how easy you can manifest the necessary changes to achieve your goals by identifying emotional, mental and soulful limitations and building upon core strengths to be the best that you can be now.​


Over the rainbow bridge...cycles of life, death and time 

Continuing with the Wizard of Oz theme Beyond physical reality, the rainbow bridge is a metaphor. Somewhere over the rainbow we find a pot of gold referring to the alchemy of time and consciousness.
The rainbow bridge is sometimes thought of as a DNA - a bridge between the earth and heaven.
The journey over the rainbow bridge is the journey home to OZ where everything spirals back at the completion of the cycles of time. Let us now explore what this means for the earth and the future of human existence.

How to deal with negative thoughts and energies

Sometimes we don't know where to go or who to turn to. Depression, suicide, self harm- is it mental and spiritual dis-ease? How can we help one another better?

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