Txana Masha 

The Huni Kuin tribe from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil

The Huni Kuin (Kaxinawa or “True people”) live on the Brazilian-Peruvian boarder in the Western Amazonia. For thousands of years they have lived in harmony with the rainforest and all beings around till the arrival of the Europeans and later rubber-tappers. It was an intense period of much violence and suffering. The rubber barons and missionaries forbid the practice of their own tradition and speaking their own languages. The originally tight community was broken up and many were captured as slaves while others fled to the deeper jungle.


The sacred knowledge of the medicine and healing songs are only safe guarded by few elders. Our special guest Txana Masha started his medicine study at the age of 7 with his mother who taught him the language and sacred chants in secret. He carries the linage of powerful healing tradition that has existed in the rainforest from the beginning of the time. He is a healer also ambassador of the unique culture of his tribe. For the past 2 years, he has been travelling around the world sharing his extensive knowledge of plant medicines, music, art and way of life that’s in harmony with mother earth.


The Medicine of the Amazon

Txana Masha from the Huni Kuin tribe will share his extensive knowledge of plant medicine, music, art and way of life that is in harmony with Mother Earth.

Rapé Circle

Rapé is a sacred, powerful medicine used for cleansing grounding and prayer. Rapé is tobacco and other medicinal herbs from the Amazon jungle. Rapé is shared with prayer for the forest, calling upon the forces of nature and the power of medicinal plants to heal and give us strength.

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