Woven Talon 


New Mexico

Visionary composer Andrew Tumason of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been visiting Aotearoa since attending Wellington’s Uni Victoria in years past, sharing a range of original music as Woven Talon and inspiring song and dance as a percussionist in the African dance community. Inspired by travels in the outdoors between Aotearoa and the Southwestern States, Tumason weaves layers of soulful rhythmic vocals, live Afro-Haitian percussion, and entrancing desert-grown strings.  Sharing the stage with friends including percussionist Daniel Chapman (Skylark/Tamani), the Talon builds an eclectic experience of grounding and flight, shadow and light - through emotionally driven compositions - journeys to inspire travel inward and outward, to surf the waves of possibility, to feel the wings of the kahu and ride the skies.

Tumason is known for his cinematic arrangements with the bands Evarusnik & Kahuravi, and has worked with various accomplished producers including Michael Stearns (Baraka), Greg Ellis (Vas), Mark Engles (Dredg), Jon Gagan (Ottmar Liebert), Christian Pyle (Yeshe), and Birgir Birgisson (Sigur Ros) in studios from Santa Fe to San Francisco, Iceland to New Zealand and Australia.

Healing visionary music that evokes the kahu spirit and awakens the imagination.

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