Voices of Sacred Earth

Voices of Sacred Earth is a conscious gathering that provides a safe space for the sharing of knowledge, learning and community connection and offers transformational experiences through, teaching, healing music and sharing that help us reconnect to ourselves and our community. Our purpose is to provide a platform of learning, growth and transformation that will inspire new ways of co-creating and living. We aim to nurture and nourish our relationships with ourselves and Papatuanuku, and celebrate our connectedness and spirituality in a caring, happy family environment. Our Earth is a place of magic and wonder, beauty and energy, the vision for the future is to keep creating a place to enrich spirit, where people can find a space to share and learn. We as co-creators, can work together to help bring into fruition a new era by coming into harmony with ourselves and each other.

This is an event that brings together visionaries, wisdom keepers and co-creators from across the planet. It taps into indigenous wisdom, the wisdom of the land, the wisdom of spirit.  Let us all sing the heart song we all share.

Join us in celebrating:

  • Sharing global ancestral practices and Knowledge              

  • Exploring community solutions                                               

  • Gaining deep and liberating insights                                     

  • Connection through Shamanic healing practises                 

  • Creating new realities through new perspectives                

  • Bringing like minds, hearts and souls together in harmony 

Our theme for 2020 is "Ka mua, ka muri", a Maori proverb that many will know means "walking backwards into the future" - the idea we should look to the past to inform the future. That what we have is built on what previous generations have provided. It isn't about living in the past or trying to "go back" to a time but is more concerned with integrating the past with what's to come. It's about how "we treasure the happenings of the past and look to the future!"

We need to look to the past to inform the way we move into the future. We learn from those who have gone before us. We regard the past and present as a single, comprehensible ‘space’ because that is what we have seen and known. We walk backward into the future with our thoughts directed toward the coming generations but with our eyes on the past.


Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

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