Traditional Indigenous American Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge is a traditional Native American Ceremony known by different names across the many Tribes of North America. Each Tribe or region may have their own customs around the Sweat Lodge or their own story of its origin. Every aspect of the sweat lodge, from building it to protocols around it to the ceremony itself are steeped with deep spiritual symbolism and meaning. The lodge represents returning to the womb of mother earth, and is a cleansing, healing and purifying experience. Every sweat lodge experience can be quite different than the next.

Friday 7th Feb, 8 am - Woman Sweat Lodge 
Will be led by Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, of Okanagon/Tsalagi. She is a minister, teacher, author, artist, and a shamanic practitioner/healer. She has been a student of her heritage for many years. She has learned the sacred teachings of Indigenous elders from her own Native American tribes, along with Siberian, Polynesian and Aboriginal elders. As a healing practitioner, Robin offers Soul Retrieval, Aura Cleansing, Cord-Cutting, Crystal Healing, and Soul Readings. Robin travels the world, offering Medicine Wheel, Wheel of Relationships and Wheel of Co-Creation Workshops; Medicine Wheel Constellations; and Dance to Heal the Earth, as well as facilitating ceremonies such as Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest.

Sunday 9th Feb, 8 am - Temazcalli Sweat Lodge
'Temazcalli' is an ancient tradition, originated in North America by Apaches and Siux, and shared with the rest of America through Mexico, Guatemala, Belice, and other countries. This session will be led by Antonio Karam, a musician, teacher, researcher and student of ancient cultures. Born in Mexico, initiated into the Temazcal tradition 18 years ago by “Coatlicue Calpulli” in Cholula, Puebla.Ome Cholloyan’s disciple in Aztec and Mayan cultures. Traditional and aboriginal musical instruments expert.
The Sweat Lodge usually takes around 2-3 hours.

The Sweat Lodge usually takes around 2-3 hours. The fee is $50 per session. There will be only two sessions at this year's festival, and they will sell out, so book now!

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